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President of Operations

Thomas Gears

VP of Operations

Nathaniel Labb

Wilmington & Western Railway Corp.

1601 Railroad Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, United States

(888) 900-8408

Who We Are


Thomas Gears - President

 Tom has been a member of HRCV for more than 30 years and worked as shop supervisor on the first paid staff of the Wilmington & Western between 1984 and 1986. Tom formerly worked as a stationary engineer at the former Ciba Specialty Chemical plant in Newport, DE. Tom has volunteered at the Wilmington & Western in many capacities through the years, most recently as lead education of the annual Railroading Summer Camp and as the organizer of the Red Clay Valley History Talk Series. Tom is a lifelong resident of the area and a passionate researcher of local history. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2015. 


Nathan Labb - VP of Operations

Ever since joining the Historic Red Clay Valley in 2015, Nathan has been an extremely active volunteer with the Wilmington and Western Railroad. Currently, Nathan serves as a qualified Engineer and Conductor on the railroad's passenger trains. With his ever increasing involvement with the HRCV and WWRR,  he now serves in an official capacity with the freight side of the organization. Working full time as a superintendent with his family's construction business (operating in over 8 states), Nathan brings years of experience in commercial infrastructure, sales, and bidding/contract negotiations. Nathan spends most of his time with the company working to build new freight business and increase our customer base.