Wilmington & Western Railroad - Passenger Service


The route of the original Wilmington & Western was laid in the early 1870s, and soon after, men and machines went to work moving goods and passengers through the Red Clay Valley.

Since 1966, the modern-day Wilmington & Western has moved hundreds of thousands of kids (both young and old) along this same route. We have become one of the East Coast's premier scenic tourist railroads, and our passengers come for romantic evenings, holiday celebrations, or a relaxing afternoon train ride with family and friends.

We have a seat waiting for you, and from that seat, you'll see the past as never before. History will come alive, senses will be excited, and a forgotten era will be re-lived (and we think you'll have a little fun along the way)!

Come and join us for good, old-fashioned family fun in Delaware's historic Red Clay Valley.

All aboard!

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